Dried Red Chilly Exporter in India

Dry Red Chili Powder Exporter in Chennai

Dry Red Chili Powder

Dried Red Chilli Exporter In Chennai

Dried Red Chilli

Dried Red Chilli Short Exporter In Chennai Dried Red Chilli Short Exporter In Chennai

Dried Red Chilli Short

Dried Red Chilly Exporter in India

Dried Red Chillies have been known for its heating and digestive characteristics, can be used in various food preparations. It is used in the masala / curry powders combination of other spices. It is also used separately in the form of chilli powder for different applications. The content of capsaicin is about 0.226 %, it is rich in vitamin C [185 mg/100 gram] and protein 11.98 gram/100 gram. Red chilli has been valued for high pungency and colour. Chillies are good for slimming down as it burns the calorie easily. It helps to stimulate the appetite, helps to clear the lungs and stimulate digestive system. They are available with stem and without stem and in grounded/powder form. It can also be used in other form like cracked and crushed to form flakes and used as a dressing on pizza, burger and sometimes  used for garnishing all kinds of cuisines.

We offer the following varieties:



1] Guntur Red Chilly

5 to 7 cm

2] Sannam S- 4, S- 334

6 to 8 cm

3] S- 12 Red Chilly

5 to 7 cm

4] Indo 5 Red Chilly

8 to 10 cm

5] S- 17 Teja Red Chilly

6 to 8 cm

6] S- 273 Red Chilly [Wrinkle]

9 to 11 cm

7] Byadgi Red Chilly

10 to 13 cm

8] Wonder Hot Red Chilly

12 to 15 cm

9] DD Red Chilly

5 to 9 cm


1] Product

Indian Dried Red Chillies

2] Origin


3] Type

With Stem / Without Stem

4] Form


5] Drying Process

Auto Dried / Sun Dried

6] Moisture

Bellow 12 %

7] Yellow & Discolour Pods

3 % Max

8] Broken

3 % Max

9] Loose Seeds

1 % Max

10] Capsaicin Content

Bellow 1 %

11] Aflatoxin

Bellow 5 ppb

12] Sudan I, II, III & IV


13] Self-life


14] Inspection

By Spices Board of India / SGS / or Equivalent


15] Packing

In 5, 10, 20, 25 kg or as required by customers in Jute Gunny bags / PP Bags

16] Load Ability

7.5 to 8.5 MT in 20 Feet Container

14 MT in 40 Feet Container



It is known by different name such as S- 4 Chilli, Guntur S- 4 Chilli, S- 334 Chilli / Sannam Chilli. It is one of the well known varieties across the globe. It is grown in the fertile land of Indian States-  Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Assam.


This variety has mainly been cultivated in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The popularity gained for these varieties in the international market is due to its preference by the buyers and appearance like S- 17 Teja Red Chilli. It is available at lower prices and has better flavour when compared to other chillies. S- 12 Red Chilli has an important feature, which is produced without stem by default from the plants. Other chillies have to be made stem less by workers manually where as S- 12 Chillies naturally without stem, which becomes more convenient for the farmers as well as for the business people. S- 12 Red Chilli has been increasingly used in Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, Italian and Japanese cuisines. The curry prepared with S- 12 Red Chilli is excellent in taste and rich in red colour. It is mainly used for its pungency and for the extraction of chilli oil.


It is a variety of highest pungency and blood red colour, grown in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat.


MP TEJA Chillies are found in the Indian State of Madhya Pradesh. It is also identical to S-17 TEJA of Andhra Pradesh. There are two different major difference between MP Teja and S- 17 Red Chillies. They are that the skin thickness is thinner and the pungency level is lower for MP Teja Red Chillies than the S- 17 Red Chillies. MP Teja Red Chillies are used in various kinds of cuisines. They are also used for some medicinal purposes for extraction of colour and hotness which is used as additional raw material in pharmaceutical industries.


Trader, supplier and exporter of S- 273 Wrinkle Red Chillies with stem in India. It is one of the famous varieties of chillies and has more demand in national / international for various culinary purposes. We procure with stem from reliable farmers and vendors only.  This chillies are used in its whole form while frying foods or are used in powder form for garnishing yummy food items and snacks. The aroma, pungency and colour of 273 wrinkle chillies with stem is very much suitable for Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, Italian and Japanese cuisines. The chilli powder made from 273 wrinkle chilli with stem looks very dark red in colour and hence it is suitable to enrich colours in all kinds of cuisines. It is rich in vitamin C [185 mg/100 gm] and protein [11.98 gm/1oo gm] It is good for slimming down as it burns the calorie easily; it stimulates the appetite, helps to clear the lungs and stimulates the digestive system. Oil extracted from S- 273 wrinkle red chillies is used in various kinds of medicines and ayurveda. Consumption of whole chilli or powder helps to reduce cholesterol in the blood.


These varieties are grown in the Indian States of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. The shin of Indo 5 Red Chillies is thick as compared to other varieties of India Chillies. It has high heat values and considered to be most ideal for making CRUSHED CHILLIES [Chilli Flakes] which is used in pizzas and burgers worldwide. Indo 5 Chilli is also known as Indem 5 chilli, US 5 and Endo 5 chillies.


The skin is thick, red and hot. Guntur Red Chilli is used with stem to add peppery flavour to all kinds of cuisines. We procure Guntur Red Chilli from reliable and trusted farmers and vendors who assures the best quality.


These type of chillies have been cultivated in the fertile lands of Warangal located in Andhra Pradesh State of India. It is widely used in culinary and medical purposes. Wonder Hot Red Chillies are popular across the globe on account of its long size, thick skin and low heat value. It is used for making Red Chilli Powder because the yield of the powder is high and the colour is very bright red, which attracts the consumers at sight.


We are supplier and exporter of quality Byadgi Red Chillies in India. It has less peppery flavour and it is brighter colour. Byadgi Red Chilli is famous due to its high colour and less hotness. It has been named after one of the famous Indian Chilli Market known as BYADGI which is a small town located in Haveri District of Karnataka State of India. It has low pungency value. It is also called in the name of 668 BYADGI Red Chillies, fully wrinkled Byadgi Red Chillies and sweet Byadgi Chillies. Byadgi Red Chilli is an important ingredient in less spicy preparations. The aroma and pungency is very much suitable for Indian, Chinese, American, European, Thai, Italian and Japanese cuisines. It is also used for extraction of oleoresin, a red oil from the pods. Oleoresin is used for the preparation of nail polish, lipsticks, food, textiles, pharma etc.  About 50 litres of oleoresin can be extracted from one tone of Byadgi Chillies. 


 It is from the fertile land of Karnataka, an Indian State. It is very famous due to its appearance and colour since it is identical to BYADGI RED CHILLIES. The features such as Pungency, Wrinkled in Appearance, Length etc are similar to BYADGI. The only difference is the skin thickness of the chillies. BYADGI skin is little thicker than RALLIES RED CHILLIES. Rallies Chillies are used to add colour, taste and aroma several dishes. It is also used in meat preparations because of its bright red colour that imparts to the meat. It is also used for extraction of Oleoresin, red oil from the pod, which is found applications in the preparations of nail polish and lipstick.


This variety grows in Madhya Pradesh, India. It looks like S- 334 Red Chillies. But MP Ganesh Red Chillies are hotter than S- 334 and the skin of MP Ganesh Chillies is thick, hence it is widely used in making Chilli Flakes and in Pizza cut chillies. It is used for the preparations of curries, pickles, mixed spices and various other yummy cuisines. It is in bright red colour and also hot in taste.   


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